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Crowd-sourcing to spider and aggregate millions of devices.

SlimDrivers not only detects when a driver needs updating, but also identifies the proper executable for your system and initiates the driver install automatically. - Note: Individual Driver updates are free. The Plus version called DriverUpdate allows for "Download All" and advanced automation functionality.

  • Scan Your PC for missing, broken or out-of-date drivers
  • Get The Latest Drivers Every Time.
  • Download Updated Drivers Manually for FREE!
  • One Click Download with DriverUpdate - Paid Version


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What it does: SlimDrivers automatically updates PC drivers with real-time scanning and cloud technology. The first cloud-based utility for updating and maintaining drivers, SlimDrivers provides instant optimization of the interaction between a computer and its system components and periperhals, such as printers, graphic and sound cards, motherboards, USB ports, game controllers and other devices and hardware. SlimDrivers scans a PC, identifies the correct drivers needed, and retrieves them from the cloud, automatically installing the most current, precise drivers for each individual PC.

DriverUpdate is Paid Version of SlimDrivers.


Cloud-Based Driver Management

Advanced technology unlocks new potentials in the way you repair and optimize a PC. Our applications doesn't come with a pre-set list of drivers. Instead, they contact a dynamic information cloud, an online data center that is constantly receiving new driver definitions.


Optimizing your PC

Having a slimmed down update process makes it easier to get the latest drivers, including those that improve computer performance, PC function and user accessibility.


Better Controls

With SlimDrivers and DriverUpdate, you can take control of the various drivers on your PC. Quick setup lets you find outdated drivers, update old drivers and restore broken drivers just by pointing and clicking.


Rapid repair of Driver-related Errors

SlimDrivers and DriverUpdate are equipped to automatically repair problems with the update and install processes, taking the hassle out of unforeseen errors and incompatibilities.


New Technology to Maximize Efficiency

Not all scans are created equal. SlimDrivers and DriverUpdate implement the latest developments in analysis technology, coordinating checks with the Windows Device Manager, Windows System Manager and Windows Update Online.


The Latest Driver Every Time

By using cloud-based technology, DriverUpdate keeps you in-step with the latest releases in hardware and software. No matter how new your component is, there's and up-to-date definition for it in the cloud.

About SlimWare Utilities

SlimWare Utilities automates the solutions to the world’s computer problems. We provide cloud-based, community-sourced software that cleans, optimizes, and improves PCs. Founded on the premise that crowd-sourcing will revolutionize personal computing, SlimWare Utilities uses the cloud and the mechanics of social networking to provide customized information about what’s on a consumer’s computer, and what to do about, with the feedback and collective intelligence of users from around the globe: Community-Powered EvolutionWare., a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner.

Copyright 2017 Slimware Utilities Corporation. All rights reserved. Information in this document is subject to change without prior notice.

How does SlimDrivers use the "Cloud" and What is "Community-Sourced" software?

The beauty of DriverUpdate' s dynamic update process is that it allows for the best customization. When you run a scan with SlimDrivers or DriverUpdate, you make an individualized profile of your PC - the exact hardware you have and the specific configurations that apply to that hardware. This way, when you get updates, they're not only the most newly available, but the most precise. Never worry about getting the wrong driver again.

Why should I trust Cloud-Based Optimizations?

DriverUpdate doesn't give you a dumbed down version of what's happening behind the scenes of your computer. Instead, it brings a complicated system into perspective. Anyone can use it by just pointing and clicking. Our specialized interface lets you view driver specs in a way that is familiar, with push-button controls.

By approaching the task of driver maintenance with intuitive controls, engineered organization and an attitude of openness, DriverUpdate takes the technical and makes it accessible.

Why do you keep SlimDrivers free?

We approach the ever-evolving computing world with a fundamental idea, that the people who use computers know what they want. By offering our applications for free, we can contribute to an active and vital network of problem solving where everybody can have an opinion and a voice. We will eventually market an all-in-one suite that combines the features of SlimDrivers with other essential computer functions. But SlimDrivers will remain completely free to the computing community!








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Windows 7 - How to uninstall SlimDrivers

SlimDrivers is easy to install, easy to use, and easy to remove. Because it was built to meet all of Microsoft's program specifications uninstalling it can be done with just a few clicks.

First, you need to make sure that your copy of SlimDrivers is not running. Even though it may not appear on the screen, SlimDrivers's active scan process may be active. If you see the SlimDrivers icon in the task-bar, that means that it's active process is still running. To de-activate it. Right click on the icon and click "Shut Down."

Second, you need to open the control panel. To open it, open the Start Menu then click Control Panel.

The third step is to open the Windows Program Manager. Do this by clicking on the icon that says "Program - Uninstall a program".

When the Windows Program Manager is open, just locate the SlimComputer icon in the list. Select it and click "Uninstall".

A small dialog will pop up asking if you want to uninstall. Click YES.

That's it! Doing an uninstall this way will remove all of SlimComputer's active components from your computer.
Windows Vista - How to uninstall SlimDrivers
Windows XP - How to uninstall SlimDrivers



      Designed for Windows 8, 7, Vista & XP

"Free driver update applications are very hard to come by. And, even if you can find one, generally the restrictions make them virtually useless. Not so with this applications  "

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