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 RecImg Manager

   Instantly Reinstall Windows Without Losing Your Software or Files!

Disk Back & Restore for Windows 8


RecImg Manager is a new way for users to restore and reinstall their entire Windows 8 Operating system and software in minutes without losing personal documents or files. RecImg Manager will work on any device running Windows 8.
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         Designed for Windows 8, including touch-based devices


Instantly Reinstall Windows Without Losing Your Software or Files!
Your personal files are
left intact when using RecImg Manager to reinstall Windows.
Backup images are small enough to be stored on tablets, ultrabooks and other Windows devices. You can store backups on both local and removable drives.


RecImg Manager backs up core operating system files, as well as installed software. This creates a smaller disk image than current solutions.


RecImg Manager reinstalls only Windows 8 and your software, which means documents, videos, music and other personal files remain untouched and intact - nothing is lost.



Sit back and relax

RecImg Manager turns what would otherwise be a weekend-long task — identifying the cause of a system error, reinstalling Windows, reinstalling software, reconfiguring settings — into an easy, automated process lasting a few minutes.

Restore your Device any time

Because your personal files are not part of the image created by RecImg Manager, you can safely reinstall Windows at any time without worrying about losing a single document.

As Easy as It Gets

RecImg Manager provides an automated, easy-to-use touch interface that makes reinstalling Windows 8 fast, intuitive and simple, all working seamlessly on both touch-screen devices and traditional mouse-and-keyboard devices.

The New Way to Disk Image

Smarter. Smaller. Simpler.

In the past, traditional PC backup and recovery tools have simply taken a snapshot of the PC's entire disk. Unfortunately, this resulted in the loss of personal documents created or altered since the snapshot was taken, and required a significant amount of storage space to facilitate storing personal documents. With RecImg Manager, only the operating system and installed software are stored in the image, meaning all documents are left intact.


Back to Normal

Reclaim your weekends!

Let's face it, malware, system errors and other malfunctions have made it necessary for users to occasionally restore or reinstall their PC's operating system, and all of their applications as well. This also means making a backup of all of the personal documents on the computer and then moving them back. Fun times, right? No More. Try RecImg Manager to reclaim your weekends.

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Easy to Schedule

Set it and Forget it

RecImg Manager can easily be configured to take system snapshots at scheduled intervals. This helps to ensure your operating system is always properly backed up. Additionally, RecImg Manager can automatically purge old images, saving valuable disk space.


In a split second, your operating system can become corrupted by malware or system errors.

Thanks to RecImg Manager, you can easily undo the damage without losing your software or personal files.


With RecImg Manager, Windows and every piece of installed software can be recovered. Your entire system can be restored to its original state without personal data loss!