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Box SlimComputer

SlimCleaner FREE


The Community-Powered Cleaner:

SlimCleaner is the world's first software that lets you clean and optimize Windows systems using a crowd-sourced approach. SlimCleaner uses aggregated-cloud feedback to recommend optimal settings for programs, start-ups and services.

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Box SlimComputer

SlimComputer FREE


Slim Down Your Computer:

Computers come pre-loaded with promotional software, ad links, toolbars and trial offers. SlimComputer uses crowd-sourced feedback to make optimization recommendations for your computer. It removes unneeded programs, start-up entries and services and slims down your new machine to make it run fast and clean like it's supposed to.

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Box SlimDrivers

SlimDrivers FREE


Automated Driver Updates:

SlimDrivers uses crowd-sourcing to spider and aggregate millions of devices. Using our cloud-based system, SlimDrivers not only detects when a driver needs updating, but also identifies the proper executable for your system and initiates the driver install automatically. - Note: Individual Driver updates are free. The Plus version called DriverUpdate allows for "Download All" and advanced automation functionality.

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Box FixCleaner

FixCleaner $ 34.94


PC Maintenance with One-Click

FixCleaner is a multi-use application for universal PC maintenance. It combines dozens of tools that work together to make a computer run faster, protect data, remove unwanted files and more! Its one-click interface lets you maintain and optimize your whole system in a way that is easier than you ever thought possible.

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FixCleaner 2.0