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Slimware Utilities Announces Corporate Vision

D'IBERVILLE, Miss., July 26 /PRNewswire/ -- Slimware Utilities, Inc., a new software company, today announced the public beta launch of its suite of products that clean, repair, update and optimize personal computers. Essential for running a clean, fully functioning computer, Slimware Utilities products are available for a limited beta trial period at

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"For the first time, we're bringing the power of community to PC performance, maintenance and repair," said Chris Cope, founder and Chief Executive Officer. "Slimware Utilities is based on the concept that cloud technology and community-based applications will revolutionize the performance of personal computers. Our products use cloud technology and crowd-sourcing to gather input from IT professionals and make unique, personalized decisions that improve computer hardware and software configurations."

Cope noted that Slimware Utilities products feature a "community rating system" that lets users evaluate different applications, features and functions, and share their input with other users through Slimware's cloud. "This community approach to software will change the way people interact with their computer, netbook, tablet, Smartphone and other Internet devices," Cope added.

Flagship Products

Aimed at consumers who want faster computers and an error-free, online experience, Slimware Utilities flagship products include SlimCleaner, SlimComputer and SlimDrivers. At their heart, Slimware Utilities products organize and sync data, clean and fix system errors, install updates, repair broken connections and provide overall maintenance to keep a consumer's personal computing products – PCs, netbooks, tablets or Internet mobile devices – running faster, smoother and more effectively.

"We provide the maintenance and utility that better connects consumers to their Internet devices," Cope said.

Cloud Computing and Community-Based

He noted that crowd-sourcing – using community-based input to improve its products – makes Slimware Utilities software into interactive applications that evolve and improve with each user response and rating. Slimware Utilities provides all the tools that consumers and IT professionals need to repair and optimize computers, all in simple, single dashboard applications.

A 30-year-old entrepreneur who has been writing code and developing technology start-up companies since he was a teen-ager, Cope plans to launch the products fully to the market this fall. "Our cloud-based and crowd-sourced system lets us establish two-way communications between a personal computing device and data," Cope said. "Community-based input lets us improve our products based on IT professionals' real-world applications, giving us the best, most personalized software."

For more information, please visit

About Slimware Utilities

Slimware Utilities uses cloud-based technology to provide software and services that clean and connect widely distributed operating systems and applications. By providing products that improve interoperability, establish connections and increase efficiencies among consumers' Internet devices, Web browsers, hardware and other peripherals, Slimware Utilities improves how consumers manage and interact with their data – whether on their PC, netbook, tablet or other mobile device. Slimware Utilities products organize data and establish smoother, faster compatibility between operating systems and devices to help all of a consumer's computing functions run better, faster and more effectively. Headquartered near Biloxi, Mississippi, Slimware Utilities' cloud-based computing gives consumers a more integrated, holistic online experience. For more information, please visit and

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SOURCE Slimware Utilities

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