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SlimCleaner Plus™ Software Uses Instant Alerts to Flag 1.5 Million Instances of Potentially Unwanted Software

Crowdsourced Software Aggregates Real-Time Feedback from Millions of Users to Drive Targeted Recommendations

New York, March 2, 2016 – In a little more than six months, SlimCleaner Plus™, the all-in-one solution for PC maintenance, served more than 1.5 million warnings to consumers that potentially unwanted software may be slowing their PC’s startup time.

From its launch in June 2015 until year end, the Instant Alerts feature in SlimCleaner Plus software notified consumers more than 1.59 million times that that potentially unneeded software was trying to hook into their PC’s startup process. By clicking a button, consumers elected to follow the recommendations provided by Instant Alerts and removed potentially unwanted software from their PCs more than 836,380 times.

Some programs try to run when a computer starts, consuming valuable resources and slowing a PC’s bootup time, often by several minutes. Instant Alerts flags those items that might be unnecessary in a machine’s startup queue, based on insights from Slimware’s crowdsourced, user-generated data, and gives consumers the option of removing those items. A feature within the SlimCleaner Plus software product, Instant Alerts warns registered users the minute a piece of potentially unwanted software tries to become a part of a PC’s startup process.

“Slow bootup is among consumers’ biggest PC frustrations,” said Bob Bryant, Chief Technology Officer for Slimware Utilities. “Instant Alerts gives consumers more control over the programs that launch during their PC’s startup, backed by the guidance of our community of millions of users, and provides valuable information about whether an item is actually necessary,” he noted.

With Instant Alerts, SlimCleaner Plus will instantly pop up an alert with recommended next steps based on community contributions. Registered users can decide if they want to remove the item or leave it. The SlimCleaner Plus user-generated data gives consumers detailed information about how other users rate the usefulness of items on a PC, so that consumers can decide which software to keep or discard to ensure their PCs stay in optimal condition.

SlimCleaner Plus is a PC cleaning, optimizing and maintenance product from Slimware Utilities. The downloadable software scans and analyzes an entire PC system, identifies the potential factors negatively impacting PC performance and security, and with its premium features fixes issues with a single click.

In addition to the Instant Alerts feature, SlimCleaner Plus offers tools to:
  • Speed PC startup and shutdown times
  • Remove bloatware, junk files, temp files, cookies, broken code and other items that can hamper a PC’s performance
  • Remove “supercookies” and other online tracking technology
  • Increase browsing speed and functionality
  • Analyze what files and folders on a machine are taking up the most space
  • Permanently erase sensitive data, quickly
  • Automatically find duplicate files
  • Defragment a computer
  • Access Windows tools

SlimCleaner Plus is available for $29.97 at


About Slimware Utilities Holdings, Inc.

Slimware Utilities automates the solutions to the world’s computer problems. Slimware Utilities’ cloud-based, crowdsourced software provides consumers with personalized applications developed from the community input of IT users everywhere for improved PC performance. Slimware Utilities is operated by IAC Applications, a leading consumer software and applications company. For more information, please visit

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