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Microsoft Gold Certified Partner The Best Tune-Up Utilities

15 May, 2015 "It's our Editors' Choice for free tune-up utilities."

7 August, 2014

FastCompany: 4 Steps to Building a Bulletproof Beta Test

13 November, 2012

SlimCleaner 4 takes home Best of The Year Award from PC Magazine

8 November, 2012

Computer America Radio: Chris Cope discusses solid state drives and top tech trends

13 October, 2012

ABC 33/40 TV, Birmingham: SlimWare Utilities' Crowdsourced software to optimize your PC

10 October, 2012

PCWorld: SlimCleaner 4.0: Slick System Cleaning Utilities with Crowdsourced Information

8 October, 2012

TechNewsWorld: Speeding Up Your PC, Part 5: Getting Secure

1 September, 2012 "Without question, SlimCleaner is our Editor's Choice..."

4 October, 2012

CNET: "We like SlimCleaner and think you will too"

2 October, 2012

WXIA-TV/NBC: Tips for Virus Prevention

11 September, 2012

TechNewsWorld: Speeding Up Your PC, Part 5: Getting Secure

1 September, 2012

TechNewsWorld: Speeding Up Your PC, Part 4: Managing Drivers

31 August, 2012

CRN: 2012 Emerging Vendors: The List

27 August, 2012

VentureBeat: "Forget Silicon Valley - build your startup where you live"

26 August, 2012

TechNewsWorld: Speeding up your PC, Part 3: Getting Crucial Updates

25 August, 2012

PCWorld Editorial Review of RecImg Manager: "RecImg Manager is undeniably handy"

20 August, 2012

TechNewsWorld: Speeding Up Your PC, Part 2: Clean Up Your Hard Drive

10 August, 2012

Sacramento Bee: Computer America Radio Show Announces Addition of SlimWare Utilities CEO Chris Cope as Chief Technology Correspondent

9 August, 2012

TechNewsWorld: Speeding Up Your PC, Part 1: Take Control of Your Programs

3 August, 2012

NetworkWorld: A Better Windows 8 System Refresh with SlimWare's RecImg Manager

25 July, 2012

Softpedia: Review of RecImg Manager 1.0

12 July, 2012

NeoWin: RecImg Manager 1.0 - Back up and Restore Windows 8

11 July, 2012

MajorGeeks: Back Up - RecImg Manager 1.0

11 July, 2012

CNET RecImg Manager Review: "Windows 8 is said to be arriving sometime in October, but that hasn't stopped Slimware Utilities"

10 July, 2012

WXIA-TV/NBC: Computer Running Slowly? 3 Free Tips from a Pro

11 May, 2012

Mashable: 7 Easy Ways to Speed Up Your Business Computers

29 April, 2012

INC Magazine: Cheap Ways to Make an Old Computer New Again

1 March, 2012

PCWorld: SlimDrivers "easily the best free product ... for identifying and updating outdated drivers"

2 January, 2012

CNET: SlimCleaner receives prestigious 5-star award

22 December, 2011

PC Mag reviews DriverUpdate by SlimWare Utilities

16 August, 2011

USA Today: "SlimCleaner is a free tool that will automatically delete tracking cookies while preserving account logon cookies"

4 August, 2011

PC Mag: SlimCleaner Update De-Junks Your Browser

3 August, 2011

PC Mag: SlimCleaner wins PC Mag Editors Choice Award!

19 July, 2011

Entrepreneur Magazine: Goodbye Geeks, Hello Crowd-Sourced Tech Help

10 June, 2011

PC Authority: SlimCleaner a PC Maintenance Suite which Actually Delivers

13 June, 2011

BetaNews: SlimCleaner - Crowd-sourced PC maintenance

10 June, 2011

PCWorld: SlimCleaner's Crowd in the Cloud Helps Tidy Your PC

1 June, 2011

CNET: SlimCleaner Crowdsources Power Cleaning

27 May, 2011

Bill Mullins: "SlimCleaner should definitely make your short list"

26 May, 2011

SlimWare Utilities SlimComputer made PC MAG: Best Free Software of 2011!

7 April, 2011

MajorGeeks: SlimDrivers Video Tutorial

29 March, 2011

PCWorld: Five Steps to a Better New PC

10 March, 2011

PCWorld: SlimDrivers a "solid solution"

04 February, 2011

CNET: SlimComputer Receives 4.5 Star Edtiors' Rating

31 January, 2011

ParentDish: 10 Terrific Online Tools for Mom

28 January, 2011

PCMAG: How to Setup a New PC

27 January, 2011

Kim Komando: SlimComputer #2 Download of 2010

20 December, 2010

USA TODAY: Top tech gifts: SlimWare Utilities improves PC performance

14 December, 2010

InformationWeek: SlimWare Introduces Cloud-Based Software Driver Updates

07 December, 2010

infoTECH: Optimize Your PC with Slim Computer

19 October, 2010

PCMag: SlimComputer 1.0 Takes the Fat out of New Computers

13 October, 2010

USA TODAY: SlimComputer can unbog your PC -- and it's free

12 October, 2010

PCWorld: New Tool Uses Crowdsourcing to Remove Bloatware

12 October, 2010

SlimWare Utilities is featured on "The Balancing Act" on Lifetime Television

28 September, 2010

SlimWare Utilities' CEO Chris Cope to Appear on The Balancing Act TV Program

27 September, 2010

SecureLexicon: SlimWare - Applied Crowd-Sourcing in the Cloud

31 August, 2010

Sun Herald: Computer whiz at 13, startup CEO by 30

21 August, 2010

USA Today: "SlimComputer and SlimCleaner work together to boost overall computer health and performance"

18 August, 2010

GoDragonComputing: "SlimWare has introduced 3 seperate utilites to help mitigate the problem of a bogged down PC"

13 August, 2010

Bill Mullins: Slim Down And Improve Your Computer With 3 New Free Tools From SlimWare Utilities

12 August, 2010

ZDNet: Can any good come from putting IT tools into hands of everyday folks?

11 August, 2010

ComputerWorld: Black Hat too commercial for you?

27 July, 2010

DarkReading: SlimWare Utilities Launches Yelp For Apps

26 July, 2010

SC Magazine: Slimware Utilities launches free cloud-based cleaning software this week at Black Hat conference

26 July, 2010

Cloud Computing Expo: SlimWare Utilities Announces Public Beta for Cloud-Based Software

26 July, 2010