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Thread: OK Now What?

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    OK Now What?

    I think I have downloaded Slimcomputer but now what? How do I use the program. After downloading a get back to a page asking me to download Slimcomputer.

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    Download and Install SlimComputer

    Hello, Jerry!

    After you downloaded SlimComputer, were you asked to install the program?

    You should have been asked to "Run" the program after downloading it.

    You may just need to download it again and try a fresh install.

    Perhaps it didn't finish downloading?

    If you were able to install SlimComputer but cannot find how to open it...
    1. Click on the Start button
    2. Click on All Programs
    3. Find SlimComputer in the list of programs and click on it
    4. Click on SlimComputer
    5. SlimComputer will now launch

    I hope this helps! If you need any further assistance let me know.
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    May be the problem has been resolved by now

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