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    Trusted Zone HKCU

    I runned a scan with HijackLog so the Trusted Zone HKCU there was no checkbox so I clicked on it and a window was opened and I had to click on all the boxes like 4000 times to select all and then to delete Trusted Zone HKCU. Why the check box is missing.
    Also why there is no select all function to that window of Trusted Zone HKCU.

    Also what is it Trusted Zone HKCU?
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    Trusted Zone HKCU is a URL that is interpreted as "safe" to Internet Explorer. This can be a vulnerable area as sometimes URL's can be silently added to the list, but typically you would add them yourself. If you don't recognize a URL or it appears unsafe, remove it.

    The checkbox was missing because the trusted zone category was so large, SlimCleaner won't populate the entire list into the interface. It's just TOO BIG!!! A select all button in the hijack log is probably not a good idea because you wouldn't want to accidentally remove a bunch of really, really, REALLY important stuff that would be difficult to get back.

    I'll forward your suggestion to the programmers though

    It may be implemented in the future, but as I said, it's kinda risky!
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