hi everyone,

the main reason i installed this program in the first place is because i need to uninstall some unnecessary drivers that were installed after unfortunately installing another program i thought i needed called "driver easy" a few months ago. the main problem w/ that program is that its interfering with battery charging when im using the laptop, not when its off. when i turn the laptop off or have it hibernating/sleeping, it charges normally, an hour or so; but when im using it it takes hours and has never completely charged up even after it charging 6 hours or more. i know its because of the 30 or so drivers i mistakenly let drivereasy install. it has to be the drivers because the laptop charges fine when its off or not at full power, so it must be the drivers interfering. i need to get rid of them, but how will i know which ones to uninstall? having the laptop plugged in is already eating up my battery, it wont charge fully like it used to. plz someone help me w/ something cuz im asking around and nobody knows?