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Thread: Shred used against weird chinese character files on desktop resulted in desktop dying

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    Shred used against weird chinese character files on desktop resulted in desktop dying


    Short version:

    Chinese chars in recent files list from file explorer
    couldnt do any normal things with these files
    slimcleaner shred interacted and claimed victory
    3 or so files shredded
    desktop cleared out; only this pc and recycle bin left
    me crying ()


    I've been noticing weird china-style characters on my list of files whenever I hit the folder-button on win10; that recent files list thing..
    Lots of chinese chars as filename, reported by the list to be located on this pc/desktop altho entirely impossible to find in any other way and various clicking and interaction-attempts failed

    So I tried to slimclear->shred .. success it seemed, something was going on other than 'nope cant find file' type errors as when trying to delete or send to bullguard (which was grayed out)

    Shredded files bottom to top, think it took 2 files then on 3rd my desktop had everything cleared except This PC and Recycle Bin
    - if I try to goto desktop from my file explorer it says it gives me this error:

    C:\Users\me\desktop is unavailable. if the location is on this pc, make sure the device or drive is connected or the disc is inserted, and then try again. if the location is on a network, make sure you're connected to the network or internet, and then try again. if the location still can't be found, it might have been moved or deleted.

    this is a little cry since I had actual folders with stuff in them based on desktop (which is bad practice I think but watever)
    ..while writing this, my wall paper disappeared as well, which had the img on the desktop.. was wondering why that was still there, o well, gone now..

    ANY idea what I broke or what happened?
    - and ofc, any idea how to fix it?

    helps be appreciated

    edit: clicking this pc on my 'new' desktop works fine it seems, right-clicking on desktop brings a ripped out menu, new -> folder is only thing in new, and it's doing nothing, and has an admin shield icon ...
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    update: my desktop just bruoght 20% of itself back, including background/wallpaper (altho not the file that held the wallpaper lol)...

    windows might be able to self-medicate this, I dunno.. will keep an eye out (duh I guess) for a while, and if things get back to normal I'll post it..

    entire thing has been odd regardless, doubt it's over just yet...

    update 2 (24 hours later ish): nothing new to report really, desktop still exists of 20% with basic stuff like skype, mirc, steam and origin available.. and wallpaper (file for that still missin lol)

    have decided backup data and use force majeure .... ;p reinstalling windows after 3 years or more is probably not a bad idea anywho
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