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Thread: Rating system lagging or broken?

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    Rating system lagging or broken?

    I just rated a program (my first) & got the Award for being the first, which is a little confusing, there where no ratings showing in the listing, but when I clicked "More info" it showed me that there were 6 already. After I rated it & added my reasons, it gave me my Award & asked if I wanted to sign in to keep it. Which I did, it then showed me there were ratings in SlimComputer's list, but only for the program I just rated. It doesn't show my award or rating anywhere, not in the program, on the site or in my profile. So is there a lag before it shows or do I have to redo it on the site itself to get it to take?

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    Please allow some time for the awards to be updated on the site.
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    Hey Ryan . Has it been updated by now ?

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