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Thread: Incorrect Entry Name

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    Incorrect Entry Name

    Not sure if this is potentially more of a feature request, but here it goes:

    The entry name for acrotray.exe shows up as "acrobat assistant 8.0". However, some people may have a newer version of this file that uses the same file name (acrotray.exe). In my case, I have the current version of acrobat (acrobat 11) and when I right-click on the acrotray.exe file and view its properties, the details tab shows version 11 under file version and product version.

    I know this is probably not a big deal for this particular program, there may be differences in functionality for other programs that warrant different user ratings/reviews.

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    The display name will not negatively affect version checking and updates, but it is something that needs to be fixed. We are working on improving the back end to this database so that most versions will display under 1 user friendly name.
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