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Thread: Command Line RECIMG and RECIMG Manager

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    Command Line RECIMG and RECIMG Manager

    I just created a custom REFRESH file with the command line recimg that is embedded in WIN* PRO. I would like to take advantage of the options in MANAGER. Does your full program play well with the embedded recimg utility?

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    Yes. RecImg Manager is simply a graphical interface for recimg.exe. Windows didn't include one and we thought that was silly, so we made one. RecImg manager will be able to handle your custom image just as recimg.exe would on its own. The only known, outstanding issue with RecImg manager is also an outstanding problem with recimg.exe itself. And that is that sometimes the volume copy shadow service will fail. It is random and the circumstances that result in the error aren't entirely known, but it usually occurs when the service attempts to copy a file that is still open by the operating system. Unfortunately, it is not something we are able to resolve as it is a Windows component. However, you may never experience it at all. But, if you do, we would appreciate it if you reported it here to us so we can include it in our pleas to Microsoft.
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    If you get a volume shadow copy error - in administrator profile run from start - run button -services.msc - find volume shadow copy - and start it (in left pane) then right click - properties and in startup type select automatic or automatic delayed. Something may have turned it off before. Try recimg manager again or reboot and retry. Program may also need to be run in Administrator profile.
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