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Thread: Can't get online

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    Can't get online

    I downloaded and ran slimcleaner and have not been able to get online since. Any help appreciated. I am livid at this point.

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    You cannot access the Internet after running SlimCleaner? That is very unusual as SlimCleaner does not remove any files that would have anything to do with Internet connectivity. Your Internet connection relies on an Internet signal from an Internet Service Provider, a modem to demodulate the signal for your computer and a network card to receive the demodulated Internet signal from the modem. The network card uses a small piece of software known as a driver to operate and Windows utilizes numerous other drivers and services to process Internet protocols. SlimCleaner does not effect any of these things automatically. The cleaner simply does not touch those files. However, if you disabled any services in the Optimizer utility that are essential to web functionality you could have lost connectivity. Again, SlimCleaner does not do this automatically. You would have had to have manually disabled those services yourself.

    If you tell me the make and model of the affected computer and what version of Windows it is running, I can provide you with some resources that should help you correct the problem.
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