View Full Version : ** Can you Make Slim Cleaner runnable from User Login? **

06-01-2011, 02:49 PM
Can you make it so that you can run Slim Cleaner from a User Login/ Account in Windows 7 (I guess Vista, too)? It won't do it right now, while McAfee & PC Tools does accommodate that.

It's a pain to have to "Switch User" before you can run it, then you have to do that 4 times, or twice and wait for it to completely finish, which takes time.

Oh, I'm the only one on the PC, so I mistakenly thought that if I had a "User" to use, it might prevent hackers or viruses a bit, at least, from getting to my files & operations.


06-01-2011, 03:07 PM
Hello Steve,

I'm not sure I understand the request. Are you asking that it be possible to run SlimCleaner on a local user directory other than the one that is actively logged on? If this is the case, I am sorry but it is not possible in Windows. Please also keep in mind that SlimCleaner is not anti-malware. SlimCleaner is designed to enhance system performance by providing you with community sourced tools. While SlimCleaner does provide tools for you to proactively assess the security of your computer and maintain privacy, it does not actively protect your computer from viruses like McAfee does.

That is not to say that SlimCleaner does not provide equal benefits as an anti-malware product. Likewise, anti-malware products do not provide the features that SlimCleaner does. In fact, most anti-malware products, although necessary for security, do not enhance performance but instead degredate it due to high consumption of resources. I would agree with you that running SlimCleaner, SlimDrivers and McAfee will keep your computer safe and fast.